It’s almost that time…. for New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s parties come and go and, not surprisingly, the outcome tends to be rather anticlimactic as the commercialism surrounding this event demands impossible outcomes. Too often the pressure of creating the perfect evening detracts from the simplicity of reflecting on the year behind us and anticipating all that the new year may hold. Perhaps we put too much emphasis on this day, expect things to be perfect, make resolutions that we know we will break; ultimately it’s not surprising that New Year’s Eve can often feel a little flat.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your New Year’s Eve simple, real, and fulfilling.

  • Avoid restaurants that will charge you double or triple the cost just because it’s New Years.
  • Don’t blow the budget on a new outfit. Spruce up an old ensemble or buy something sparkly at one of the after-Christmas sales. Dress it up with jazzy earrings and your favourite high heels!
  • Plan a house party. This is always more fun and much more cost effective. Get your friends to contribute appetizers and dessert items. Make it BYOB and your wallet will be grateful.
  • Most of all, spend New Years Eve with people you love.
  • Take away the positives from 2014 and anticipate the good that 2015 will bring to you and your loved ones.
  • Don’t bother with a resolution… perhaps a reaffirmation instead about what things are important to you.
  • Now go out and make 2015 the best year ever!

Last year we spent New Year’s Eve at our cottage with family and friends. Amazing what a few decorations, tasty food, great company, and bubbly champagne will do to transform an evening!



So whatever you decide to do for your New Year’s Eve celebration, imagine the possibilities that next year will bring!

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