Let’s party today!

The best way to deal with post-Christmas and post-New Year’s blues is to throw a party. This is exactly what we did today and I think it made everyone feel festive all over again. It’s also a great way to use up all that Christmas baking while it’s still somewhat fresh – it doesn’t taste that great by the end of January! 🙂

Putting on the apple juice with mulling spices (I use the Mulling Spices made by Victoria Epicure), make a pot of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee (my absolute favourite) and bring out all those lovely Christmas teas. A fresh batch of scones served with homemade strawberry jam accompanied by cinnamon buns and other treats is about all you need to make your party complete.

Go ahead…. let the parties continue!

Homemade cranberry-white chocolate scones…. yum!


Snowflake cupcakes!


Chocolate sparkle cookies


Cookie platter…. always a welcome sight!


Have a great visit with friends! Until the next party…..

One thought on “Let’s party today!

  1. Love this blog! The photographs are stunning and reveal such creative entertaining talent. I am already feeling inspired and looking forward to future posts.Keep up the great work!


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