Something things are just black and white…

Thanks to those of you who checked out my “Winter White” post last week. Interestingly, something quite funny also happened over the past week which leads me to this post. My two daughters, Ashley & Jenny, have both inspired and encouraged me to begin my own blog (after thinking about it for far too long). They are both wonderful bloggers and have basically taught me everything I have learned to date. So, it made me chuckle to discover that their posts this past week were on opposite ends of the colour spectrum! Ashley’s fashion post looked at the possibilities of mixing winter white into your wardrobe, while Jenny’s post focused on her recent obsession with wearing black (not so much an obsession as a requirement at her school).

I am proud of all they have accomplished on their blogs and would like to share their black and white stories with you. Meet Ashley whose blog about winter white is linked  below this photo taken of us at one of our parties last summer.


Check out her blog about finding your “Inner Snowman” Glamour Planner !


And here’s Jenny! Her post on “Black. On. Black. On. Black” is dark! 🙂


Link to Jenny’s blog “allure de Vogue


Hope you enjoyed meeting my girls…. my inspiration!

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