Death By Chocolate!

Shakespeare once said “Death’s the end of all” – that being the case, what better way to go than “Death By Chocolate” which is exactly what we did this past week. It’s always fun to have a party around a particular theme and since I love chocolate so much, I thought that chocolate was a good way to anticipate the sweet delight of the upcoming spring break. And what glorious fun I had preparing the food for this event: chocolate mocha truffles, red velvet chocolate cupcakes, a chocolate fountain with fruit and cake, but the “pièce de résistance” was most certainly the Ultimate Death By Chocolate Cake!

This chocolate cake has chocolate inside and out – complete with white and dark Chipettes, Turtles, Lindor, & Hershey’s chocolates!

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake


Mocha Truffle Cookies & Red Velvet Cupcakes


The Chocolate Fountain!


And for those who prefer the savouries…


A few more pics to give you a “flavour” of the evening…







Now go and eat some chocolate!

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