Ever had trouble finding inspiration for a party? Here’s one solution for your troubles. Take a walk through the wine shop and check out all the labels! I love the imaginative, witty, and evocative names that vintners have come up with to market their brand. In the 20 minutes I spent in the store the other day, I found such an array of labels that have me planning future parties. Here’s a few ideas I came away with.

First though…. had to share this one. Guess what time it is?


Country music is the new rock and roll! Why not host a Western-themed party and encourage your guests to dress up in their cowboy boots and hats? If the weather cooperates and you are able to host your party outdoors, be sure to set up a few hay bales for extra ambiance. Perhaps even a game of horseshoes. And make sure you have some great country music or invite those who can play and sing to bring their guitars, banjos, harmonicas, etc. Your food choices can be pretty simple: any type of BBQ (hamburgers, steaks, chicken, ribs, etc.) chili, baked corn, salads, and perhaps apple pie and ice-cream for dessert! Here are some great wines to serve with your party theme!


Planning an evening with fellow musicians? Whatever your menu, here are some appropriately named wines that would be a great tribute to the Arts, and a savoury experience for your palate. What could be better than “The Musician” (Shiraz), or Peter Lehmann’s “8 Songs” or “La bohème – Act Three.”


Here’s a great wine idea for a summer party (or a winter party when you are wishing it were summer!). The “Flipflop” wine series makes a perfect accompaniment to a tropical or beach-themed party. You could even suggest that your guests come in their flipflops! Add in some “Oyster Bay”, Monkey Bay”, “Wave Series”, and “The Beach House” wine and you’ve got yourself a beach party!

IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6226IMG_6233

This wine made me think I’d tell my guests to shed their shoes at the door and go barefoot! Check out the “Barefoot” wine collection.


One of my favourite party ideas revolves around dessert (see my previous post on “Death by Chocolate”). Should you decide to host a dessert party, there are plenty of wine choices to share with your guests. Note how many of these involve chocolate?


Now go and pour yourself a glass of wine

and start planning!

3 thoughts on “Wine-spiration

  1. This is so very creative Dorothy! What a neat feature for a wine magazine or BC Liquor Commission magazine…just sayin’.


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