The Mighty Mini Light

When you think mini lights, you might be thinking Christmas! But it’s not necessarily a seasonal accessory. I love these little lights – the white ones, in particular – and you can use them in all sorts of ways throughout the year. When you entertain, it’s a given that your guests and the food and drink are important, but so is the ambiance of your entertaining space. Nothing creates ambiance more than lighting (well, music is arguably important too). I’m a big fan of dimmed lighting and love candles (but sometimes all that wax can be messy and dangerous) so consider the mighty mini light!

White mini lights are usually available throughout the year, unlike their colouful relations, the Christmas mini lights, which are most certainly seasonal. Many home and gardening stories, as well as specialty/novelty stores will have all sorts of mini lights that you can use in your home, on your table, on your plants, as well as outdoor on your deck, your plants, trees, fences, etc. The only limit is your imagination…. and possibly your power source!

While finding a plug for your string of mini lights is relatively simple in your home, sometimes those cords get in the way and are difficult to disguise. In such cases, consider using the battery-operated type of mini lights. These last really well and are especially effective for creating centerpieces on you table amidst flowers, wine bottles, candles, etc. IKEA also sells mini lights that are solar powered, which is great for patio/outdoor lighting. I’ve also just discovered a great online source for mini lights, so you might want to check out their stock as well.

Here are a few pictures for inspiration, but be creative and come up with your own ideas as well. Once you are happy with the look you’ve created, invite your friends over for drinks or dinner, sit back and enjoy the ambiance of the mighty mini light!

Love this idea using Mason jars and some twine to hang them with.

Mason jars with mini lights

Here’s another great idea for your garden, patio area.

mini lights with ivy

If you’re hosting a more formal event such as a wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, etc., here’s a beautiful and elegant idea using white mini lights.

dinner twinkle lights

If you want to go crazy with the mini lights (you’ll need a lot for this one) here’s the ultimate in ambiance!

Dinner outside mini lights

A clever concept for recycling those wine bottles.

Wine bottles mini lights

Sometimes you don’t need many mini lights to create an effective centrepiece.

plant with mini lights

Why not consider using mini lights to create a dramatic effect for the bedroom.

Mirror and mini lights

Love these floral mini lights.

flower mini lights

So have fun exploring the potential of the mighty mini light!

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