All Aboard the Santa Fe Train!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the ISEEN conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Having never visited that part of the U.S. before, I was unprepared for just how beautiful that little city is. Filled with art galleries and museums, Santa Fe is a visual and sensory experience that left me wishing I had more time to discover and explore all the offerings in this wonderful part of New Mexico. In addition to that, our stay at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Centre was outstanding, not only because of the peaceful setting, but also because we were treated to the most amazing food. Kim, from Pinon Catering, created meals for us that were extraordinary, healthy, and most importantly, delicious; so many dishes too for those with gluten free, dairy, & vegan concerns. I have to admit that many of those options proved to be the best food I had ever had at any conference, bar none!

I really wanted to share some of my Santa Fe photos on the blog. Many are food related and some are not. I hope you will be able to capture the essence of my experience there. The photos are all taken with my iphone, so they may not be the best quality, but nonetheless, you will have a “flavour” of all that I enjoyed. Santa Fe, with its museums and art galleries, is definitely on my future bucket list and I certainly hope to return there one day!

Pictured below is our St. Michaels University School crew who came all the way from Victoria, B.C. to the ISEEN conference in Sante Fe! Loved this railcar for our photo op.


Loved having breakfast at our retreat centre. Kim and her kitchen crew make their own gluten free granola. Had to bring some of this home.


Tuna stuffed avocados! So delicious!


Chinese chicken salad (also gluten free).

IMG_7632Lemon Zucchini Salad:


Chicken with mango:


Strawberry spinach salad with pecans:


Check out this platter of roasted veggies (gluten free and certainly vegan)!


Kim, our wonderful chef in the kitchen. I followed her around a bit in order to score some recipes! I’ll be sharing some in the future!


A couple of shots of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Centre – such a peaceful setting… with lots of chilli peppers!



So much great art in Santa Fe! Loved this one… can you guess?


Hope you enjoyed our little trip down South!

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