Summer Fiesta!

DSC_0438I love summer…. long days, sunshine, and time to relax! What’s so wonderful about this season is the variety of colours, themes, foods, etc that will mix well with any party you might want to plan… and what better theme than summer fiesta! 

Pretty well every and any colour works with a fiesta, so choose bright table runners, vibrant flowers, and multi-coloured candles for your decor. Throw a few metallic beads on your table and make it sizzle!


Keep your food simple but fun: veggie platters, tacos, tortilla chips and salsa, fruit platters, etc. Punch, wine & sangria, of course!


These veggie & tortellini skewers are easy to make and are always a hit with your guests.


Love a summer dessert – try out this easy to make fruit flan! Recipe to follow in my next post!

DSC_0465And who doesn’t love a candy bar!


So put together a guest list and have your own summer fiesta!




Always fun to dress for a Summer Fiesta!



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