Lake life


It’s been quite a summer here on Vancouver Island. We’ve enjoyed unusually hot weather, long sunny days, and beautiful sunsets, but this has come at a cost. In recent weeks, there have been a number of forest fires burning out of control on the island and the mainland, which has resulted in poor air quality and smokey skies.

We do, however, continue to savour our life at the lake, knowing that the summer season is always too short. Already the length of days is waning as August progresses, and we find ourselves talking about how long the days were back in June! Back-to-school supplies clutter up the stores aisles, and I try to avert my eyes as I walk by!

I thought I would share a few highlights of the summer, including a few of our favourite dishes. Entertaining is never so easy as in the summer, and there’s no need to be particularly fancy or fuss over food preparation. And somehow, after a day of swimming, skiing or wake-boarding, everything tastes better!

We made this pork loin roast a few times this summer… always a hit. See recipe in Summertime Sizzle


A LOT of roasted veggies! Recipe in Summertime Sizzle


Pineapple barbeque chicken is one of our favourites too!


Roasted garlic with brie! Just toast some bread or use crackers to accompany this savoury appetizer.


Summer salads are a must…



Cookies make the best snack…. recipes to follow in a future post!



What’s breakfast without cinnamon buns now and then?


With so much fresh fruit available, the Summer fruit flan is always a great dessert.


What keeps us busy at the lake.



I even strapped on the skis!


Cheers! My favourite summer martini


Sunsets are the best at the lake!



“Between the dusk of a summer night
And the dawn of a summer day,
We caught at a mood as it passed in flight,
And we bade it stop and stay.”

William Ernest Henley

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