It’s a candy bar!

DSC_0033We had so much fun organizing and prepping for Jenny’s 19th birthday party! With a gang of about 40 coming over for dinner, we knew we had to have lots of food. We kept the menu simple but tasty: mac & cheese, lasagne, Caesar salad, and garlic toast, followed by the birthday cake, of course! But the “pièce de résistance” turned out to be the candy “bar” that we created for the party.

DSC_0001DSC_0037DSC_0026DSC_0041And yes, there was champagne too!

DSC_0204Here’s a photo of Jenny and the gang from C.C.P.A. (Canadian College of Performing Arts). They had a blast with the photo booth we set up. We collected all sorts of hats, masks, hawaiian leis, boas, tiaras, and other accessories… that’s about all you need to get the inspiration going!DSC_0116DSC_0124Happy 19th to the birthday girl!DSC_0127

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