Honouring Christmas in our hearts

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol)

Christmas 2015 has come and gone but I am still pondering the wonder and joy of this season. As Dickens reminds us in his famous tale, A Christmas Carol, the essence of Christmas itself is something we can carry in our hearts throughout 2016. The message of love, joy and peace that comes with the anticipation and celebration of Christmas is what motivates us throughout the year to embrace each day and make it special, whether it’s December 25th, March 2nd, or September 23rd. Let’s hold Christmas in our hearts, even as we have to pack up the decorations and store them away until next year. Somewhere inside us there is a little bit of Christmas taking us through each day.

Here are some of my favourite photos of this past Christmas. Time with family and friends, great food, laughter, carol singing, and moments of quiet reflection.

Santa - Frontier party
Santa came early and showed up for our Christmas party!

View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party
We always enjoy our Dickens Village… now that Christmas is over, I call it my Winter Village.
View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party
Dessert table for our Christmas party


View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party
One can never have too many desserts!
View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party-2
This captures my joy at Christmas! Laughter with good friends.

View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party-2

View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party
Love this picture of my kids at our Christmas party
Christmas Eve Service at Christ Church Cathedral
Christmas Eve dinner table
Christmas Eve singing – always a highlight!
Christmas morning – the stockings await!
An abundance of gifts on Christmas morning
View More: http://angelamirandophotography.pass.us/xmas-party-2
A special time with my girls!

These are the moments I will treasure in my heart forever. Hope your Christmas was special and that 2016 brings you joy, health, and happiness.



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