Cupid’s Arrow

IMG_5596Just when the house was looking a bit drab after the Christmas cleanup, I figured we needed a shot of Cupid’s arrow, in anticipation of February 14th. I was actually a bit surprised to discover that I have over 3 boxes of decorations (still a far cry from my Christmas boxes) for this February holiday!  Opening those boxes is always a bit of a trip down memory lane as they also contain a few cards and Valentine projects made by the kids when they were little. It’s also a tradition around here to make those heart-shaped sugar cookies and this year my decorators (thanks Ashley & Ceilidh) got quite creative.DSC_0010

We don’t have any fancy decorating tools, so we just decorate them the old fashioned way with a knife and a ziploc bag with the corner cut out to make an icing tip! No matter what, they look and taste delicious. This year we tried a new sugar cookie from Rosie Daykin’s Butter Baked Goods Recipe Book. This recipe called “Butter’s shaped cookies” was easy to make and they’ve been disappearing like hotcakes! We’re already on our second batch.

I’m also hosting a dinner party for Valentine’s weekend and have been planning out my menu for that evening. At this point, I’m thinking about a strawberry spinach salad, chicken & mushrooms crepes, and French Chocolate soufflés for dessert (or perhaps the “Death By Chocolate” Cake below!). You can never go wrong with chocolate. Here are a few inspiration pictures from last year’s Valentine’s dinner.IMG_5505

And, of course…. the chocolate!

The “Death by Chocolate” Cake is always a hit.


Wishing you a LOVEly Valentine’s day filled with laughter, good food, friends, and chocolate!


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