Walking the red carpet!

This past Sunday night we joined many of Victoria’s film enthusiasts and attended a Red Carpet Gala Evening hosted by the Victoria Film Commission at the Victoria Marriott Hotel.  In addition to it being a great excuse to dress up, it was a fabulous way to enjoy a girls’ night out, an amazing four-course dinner, as well as a fun way to watch the Oscars with a room full of movie fanatics. I would highly recommend this as the best way to do Oscar night (although some might argue that sitting in your PJ’s on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favourite drink is a happy alternative!).

Our red carpet entrance! These lovely ballerinas welcomed us into the venue and presented us with flowers.


Some of the lovely ladies I shared this evening with!



Lots of time for photo ops!
Lovely four-course meal as we watched the Oscars.
Our beautiful table
Leonardo finally gets his golden statue!

All in all, a wonderful way to celebrate the Oscars 2016… definitely want to do this again next year!

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