It’s a wrap!

IMG_5605The table napkin, or “serviette” as we Canadians sometimes call them (a French tribute), has long been a staple for entertaining. The ancient Romans used napkins and English sources make reference to the napkin in the late 1300’s. No dinner table looks complete without this accessory and I love the fact that it provides the opportunity to include colour, beauty and design to any event.

Whether a coffee party, luncheon, birthday or dinner party, I love finding just the right napkin to suit the occasion:

Urban Barn has just come out with some fun napkins to liven up your dinner party. Last week I hosted a party using these napkins and we had so many laughs as each guest unveiled their napkin. This turned out to be a highlight of the evening:

Here’s another set from Urban Barn that will get your dinner guests chatting as well.

And if you are looking for innovative ways to fold your napkins, check out this link for some great ideas:

When you are planning your next gathering, don’t forget that even your table napkins can provide great party inspiration!

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